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Janyce Shinaya –
Yogi and Intuitive Artist

Golden Chakra

Healing Arts

Golden Crystals

Creative Arts 


Performing Arts

In the Sanskrit language yoga means “union” or “yoke”. The intention is to form a union with the divine or the universal consciousness. This union can be realized in various ways, and there are many different practices that can help someone experience this state. Janyce has dedicated her life to learning and sharing with others a variety of ways to unify the mind, body, and spirit.


Janyce opens her events with a yoga class to ground students in the present. She guides them to connect with their breath and synchronize it to their movement. This allows the mind to slow down, creating opportunity for inner reflection, emotional processing, and deep relaxation. Following the yoga class, the focus of her events become fostering connections with others through experiencing art or learning fun new hobbies or modalities that bring individuals healing or into a flow state.


Janyce’s intention is to provide her community with a variety of tools and options to heal. She holds safe spaces that allow others to explore and freely express themselves. Her mission is helping others let go of any limited beliefs that may be holding them back from creating and living at their highest and healthiest potential. Through appreciating art, exploring alternative healing methods, and supporting community, Janyce’s work continuously supports her own journey towards union.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

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